Reports: Dwyane Wade and Bulls to Part Ways, Cavaliers ‘Frontrunner’ to Sign Him |

Tim Reynolds for The Associated Press and

Wade and the Chicago Bulls agreed to terms on a buyout agreement Sunday, a person with direct knowledge of the talks told The Associated Press. Wade is considering several options, including a potential return to Miami or a reunion with longtime friend LeBron James in Cleveland, according to the person who spoke on condition of anonymity because the buyout has not been formally announced.

Wade will have other suitors, as well. ESPN reported San Antonio is a possible landing spot, and Oklahoma City…

This is a prime example of how playing for your hometown is not all it’s hyped up to be. Now that Dwyane Wade’s stint with the Bulls is over though, I’m excited to where he goes next.

Cleveland is the obvious first choice, since according to Wade, he wants to compete for a championship. Unless something were to happen to LeBron James, Cleveland will be coming out of the East. Oklahoma City has a very competitive team, but I’m still not sure they can beat Golden State. I’d love to see that though! Carmelo Anthony is highly underrated, with Phil Jackson having made things worse.

The other thing to consider is none of these teams have much to offer in terms of money. Miami is the only team that’s got some cap space to make a higher offer to Wade. I don’t see him going back to Miami right now though. I’m going to say Wade will sign with Cleveland.

Let’s see what happens.

Wirecutter, but for Everything | Wirecutter

Jacqui Cheng:

Since The Wirecutter was founded in 2011 and The Sweethome in 2013, we haven’t wavered from our mission to help people effortlessly choose and buy the stuff they need in order to live a better life. Until today, we’ve carried out that mission on two separate sites primarily covering tech and home.

…in October, we are retiring the names The Wirecutter and The Sweethome and launching a unified website in their place to be the definitive review source for our readers: Wirecutter.

I love The Wirecutter… well… Wirecutter now. It’s been the source of many great recommendations for me. For years, it’s been the first place I check before making a purchase. I’m happy to see Wirecutter evolve and continue with its awesomeness.


Courage by Marco Arment

Marco Arment on the iPhone X’s “notch”:

Many app developers are planning to hide the notch in the UI with black bars. But Apple explicitly says not to.

Apple just completely changed the fundamental shape of the most important, most successful, and most recognizable tech product that the world has ever seen.

That’s courage.

I see Marco’s point on Apple not going with the generic phone shape. The iPhone shape is unique and you didn’t want to lose that in its next iteration. Calling this notch “courage” however, is more than a stretch. It’s calling an undeniable misstep in design on Apple’s part, innovation. Defending Apple’s decision here is foolish and puts Marco’s taste in question.


My New Gig

What I’ve been working on lately

For the past month or so, I’ve been working as a designer and frontend developer for Mealthy. Mealthy is a startup company whose mission is make cooking healthier food easy. The site has tons of awesome and healthy recipes.

Soon, we’ll be launching the Mealthy SpiraSlicer® which is a 5-blade spiralizer that I’m sure you’ll want to check out when it goes on sale. In the meantime, you can look at some great recipes you’ll be able to make with it.

Now some fun facts from my first month:

  • I’ve closed 32 pull requests and was involved in some way in 85.
  • I have 77 commits to the repo and added more than 9000 lines of code.

I tried to figure out how many of the pull requests involved changes to SCSS, but could figure out how to do that.

I’m really proud of the work we’ve accomplished in just a month. I think the site looks great, and was eagerly waiting to show it off. A huge thank you to whole team at Mealthy who’ve been so welcoming to me and helped make this launch an awesome one.


Karolina Szczur: ‘Your Tech Job Posting is Broken’

Karolina Szczur:

Over a year ago I wrote on the subject of empathetic hiring and how we’re still failing to make it efficient, respectful and inclusive.

There are innumerable amounts of tech job postings. A good deal of them are gendered to favor male candidates, full of meaningless buzzwords and failing to picture what the job actually requires, let alone mentioning what you’ll get in return. We need to fix this.

As someone who just went through the process of finding a job, I couldn’t agree with Karolina more.


Making Videos on YouTube

Dear Reader,

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been writing on this site for a while. The reason is that I’ve started a new thing and while I get used to the schedule, I haven’t had the time to write much.

The new thing is a YouTube channel. I’d been thinking of doing video for a while, but was shy to be in front of the camera. Slowly, I’m getting more comfortable with it and talking as if I’m talking to the viewer.

What’s funny about all of this to me, is that I thought I’d learned how to do this for audio. I’d been told that I had a very natural radio voice and I mostly agreed. But video is a whole new beast.

This new YouTube channel will feature a lot of the same content I’ve written on here for the past three years. New technology I’m interested in, some Apple news, movie reviews, and the personal update every once in a while.

My hope is as I get my footing in video, the video content and written content complement each other. This way, if you enjoy one over the other, you’ll get your fix. For now, I’ll be focusing more on video and growing that. I really hope you come along for the ride.

In the new few weeks, I’ve got some interesting videos planned. Here a few:

  1. Photive PH-BTH3 Wireless Headphones Review
    I bought these headphones on Amazon for $40. I really wanted to find some cheap headphones for my Dad. I wanted to test them out to see if he’d like them. This Thursday, I’ll post my video review of them.

  2. Spider-Man Homecoming Review
    This movie comes out July 7th. Tobey Maguire was my favorite Spider-Man1 so I was skeptical to see how Tom Holland would do. His performance was excellent in Civil War, so I’m excited to see this film.

  3. Scooter/Gear Overview
    If you didn’t know, I recently got a scooter. I’m hooked. I love being on two wheels. Can’t wait to upgrade to a bigger bike. In the meantime, I’m planning a video on what I got.

Hope that get’s you excited enough to subscribe. I need 100 subscribers or more to claim a custom username on YouTube so your help to get there is much appreciated!

Before I let you go, here’s my latest video on the OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock. If you have a new MacBook Pro, I recommend you watch it.

Thank you so much for reading. See you on YouTube.

  1. Don’t you dare judge me!! 


Interviewed on ‘Getting Work to Work’

This past week, I was honored to be interviewed on Chris Martin’s show, Getting Work to Work. Here’s how Chris describes what we talked about:

Lately, I’ve been getting into the habit of emailing strangers on the internet and asking them questions. Tim was one of the recipients of those emails. He wrote a blog with his responses. Since he responded, I stayed in touch and was inspired to have him as a guest on Getting Work To Work after he posted about podcasting gear. In this interview episode, Tim and I talk about the web community, the importance of having a life outside of work, burnout, authenticity, and Star Wars. Please enjoy this interview with designer, front-end developer, and lover of Star Wars, Tim Smith.

I really enjoyed being on the show. I haven’t been interviewed in a while actually. If you have a podcast and ever need a guest, I love being on podcasts. Send me an email and we can iron out the details.


I Bought a Camera

After debating whether I should buy a DSLR for almost a year, I finally decided last week that I was going to pull the trigger.

If you like geeking out about gear like me, here’s the list of things I’m using now. The video above was filmed with my iPhone 7.

Gear I Use

Here are the things I’ll use to film my videos. These are all affiliate links, so use them if you’d like to support me. Here’s more stuff I recommend.






Lastly, if you enjoyed the video and would like to see more, please subscribe.


How Do I Keep Up With the Web?

I got the following question from a nice fellow by the name of Chris Martin:

Hi Tim,

Your event on CSS Grid popped up in my Twitter feed today. Awesome!

That got me thinking about a question a student asked me recently: How do you stay current in web design and development? How do you manage to find a way through what seems to be an almost unmanageable task of being able to say you are a state-of-the-art designer/developer? Is it a fool’s errand? Is it clever marketing?

I’m curious what you do to stay current.

I appreciate your insight and hope you have a super day.


This is a question I get a lot so I figured I’d post my answer here for posterity.

This is always a difficult question to answer but I’ll start with clearing some stuff up. Whoever is marketing themselves as a “state-of-the-art designer/developer” is in essence a liar. With the rate in which things change in our industry it’s impossible to be completely caught up and know everything.

That being said, here’s how I try (keyword being try, here) to keep up:

  1. Read articles and books about the web
    There are many resources here. A List Apart, 24 Ways, A Book Apart, CSS Tricks, Smashing Magazine, and Net Magazine. Then there are individuals like Jeremy Keith, Ire Aderinokun, Brad Frost, Rachel Andrew, Jen Simmons, and many others.
  2. Practice, practice, practice
    Once you’ve learned something new, you’ve got to put it into practice. Redesign your personal site, build a blog, create a few CodePens. It’s important to flex the new muscles you’re acquiring.
  3. Don’t beat yourself up
    Like I said at the beginning, no one knows everything. That is the truth. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. It’s ok if you don’t know everything. It’s also ok if you don’t know the latest thing. Try your best to do work you’re proud of. As time goes by, you will certainly learn more.

I can’t stress number three enough. Getting comfortable with things you don’t know, and even realizing there is much you don’t know you don’t know is essential in a fast paced industry like ours.

Hope that helps.