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Performant Cloud.typography Fonts

Sexual Misconduct Claims, Suggests Accusers Motivated by ‘Peer Pressure’ | The Verge

Saying Goodbye to Firebug | Mozilla Hacks

Transpiled for-of Loops Are Bad for the Client by Dave Rupert

Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program Gets More and More Convenient | Six Colors

The Best Music Streaming Service | The Sweet Setup

Passenger Shot as Cars Approach Frogtown Stoplight, St. Paul Police Say | Pioneer Press

‘It’s All Screen’ | Daring Fireball

LaVar Ball Fires Back at Patrick Beverley After Los Angeles Lakers’ Season Opener |

Rebuilding | Several People Are Coding

The Era of Newshammer by Dave Rupert

Despite 26 From Wiggins, Wolves Fall To Spurs In Opener | Minnesota Timberwolves Blog

Microsoft Updates Edge with CSS Grid Support

Gordon Hayward Injury Casts Pall Over Opening Night Thriller |

Movies Anywhere Now Goes Beyond Disney | Six Colors

U.S. Out of Excuses After Defeat in Trinidad Leaves It Out of World Cup | ESPN FC

Trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

Kuzma Showing Lakers Have Another Rookie to Watch | ESPN

Letter from the Wirecutter Team | Wirecutter

Traded Stars CP3, Melo, George Make Debuts | ESPN

Redbox and No Chill | Brand New

A New Beginning

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The Difference Between “Remote” and “Remote-First” | ReadThink

Neonto Tries Their Hand at React

The Bold Report’s Third Anniversary

Apple Echo

Speaking Most Clearly When Not Speaking At All by Jeffrey Zeldman

Design as Branding | Daring Fireball

New Policies for iOS | Webkit Blog

Why I don’t use CSS preprocessors

iOS 10 is A Major Shift for iOS | The Brooks Review

Apple Removing Ports from MacBook Pro?

Focused on the Grass by Chris Bowler

Signed Git Commits with Tower by Aaron Parecki

Introducing Night Owl

Hey, Apple: It’s Time to Rethink iCloud | Macworld

How to Make Money From Your Tiny Podcast by Justin Jackson

Webfonts on the Prairie | A List Apart

Rocket — Slack-style Emoji Everywhere on Mac | Tools and Toys

Refactoring CSS Without Losing Your Mind | Speaker Deck

Burnout. That Word Doesn’t Mean What You Think it Means

How We Designed Our Interview Process | Blog

Get the Original Image from a Data URL | CSS-Tricks

Emotionally Complicated Class Names | CSS-Tricks

How to Make Firing People Suck Less for Them and Suck More for You | Signal v. Noise

CSS Writing Mode by Ahmad Shadeed

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Review: Human Solution Uplift Desk

What Is the Apple Watch Good For? |The Syndicate

Lint Your CSS with stylelint | CSS-Tricks

My Brief Review of the iPhone 6s Plus

Nylas Pro | The Nylas Blog

With Version 1.1 and an iPad App, I’m Switching to Airmail | MacStories

The iPad Pro Out Paces My Usage of Any Past Mac | The Brooks Review

Prince Performs ‘Purple Rain’ During Super Bowl Halftime Show

Kit Kats Fresh From the Factory

Traveling Light: Underwear | The Brooks Review

iOS 10: Wishes and Concept Video | MacStories

For a Generation, Kobe Was ‘Our Michael Jordan’ |

A Manager’s Job Is Making Sure Employees Have a Life Outside Work | Harvard Business Review

Congratulations! You’ve Been Fired | The New York Times

Netflix Says Geography, Age, and Gender Are “Garbage” for Predicting Taste | Fortune

What Will They Say About Me? | Cognition

Patience and Impatience in the Tech Industry by Manton Reece

The Constant in Late Night’s Chaos | The Washington Post

Here Are the Top Tech Companies’ Secrets to Hiring the Best People | The Cooper Review

Poor Apple Watch by Casey Liss

Ideas for Building a Family Friendly Culture | Wildbit Blog

TextExpander 6 and by Michael Tsai

Some Changes Here at Macminicolo | Macminicolo Blog

The Upside to Technology? It’s Personal | The New York Times

Watch 10 Seasons of ‘the Joy of Painting’ on Youtube

Dave Goes Back to Mac for 20 Minutes by Dave Rupert

Fantastical Version 2.2 Ships | MacSparky

March 2016

Mozilla’s Nearly Flawless Job Ad, and Why by Cameron Moll

Sleep Deprivation Is Not a Badge of Honor by DHH

How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization by David Hopkins

CSS and Scalability by Adam Morse

My Brief Review of ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

Teaching the Order of Margins in CSS by Charlotte Jackson

Truth by Derek Fisher

Two Weeks Notice Is for Sandwich Artists | Dear Design Student

Two Ulysses “Problems” People Have | The Brooks Review

The Web Is Back!

Apple, It’s Time to Move on From “OS X” by Pauli Olavi Ojala

Front-end Performance Tuning My WordPress Site by Jon Bellah

Giving Up On Ulysses

The Evolution of Linkblogging by Manton Reece

The Best Third-Party Email App for iOS | The Sweet Setup

Netflix’s Opaque Disruption Annoys Rivals on TV | The New York Times

Managing Typography on Large Apps | CSS Wizardry

Expressive Type for Copy Blocks | Cognition

How to Lint Your Sass/CSS Properly with Stylelint | Creative Nightly

AppleCare+ |

Alfred Version 3

The Best BB-8 Yet Recognizes Voice Commands and Comes When It's Called | Toyland

An Interview with Una Kravets | CSS-Tricks

Spark Launches on iPad | MacStories

The 10 Most Popular Web Fonts of 2015 (And Fonts You Should Consider Using Instead) | Typewolf

February 2016

January 2016

Twitter Implies Their Ads Suck

‘Follow the Links’

Microsoft Surface Tablets Crash on New England Patriots Sideline

The Interview from Hell

‘Permission Slips’

‘Hamburger, Hamburger, Hamburger’

‘Influencing Web Layouts with Print Layouts’

Using an Ad Blocker is Not ‘Puppy Genocide’

‘Star Wars: Episode VIII to Open December 15, 2017’

‘An Invitation to Bring Back Your Personal Site’

Building a Newsletter Form Using Flexbox and Javascript

Apple Cons f.lux With Night Shift

Netflix’s Stand on Proxies and Unblockers

‘Confidence and Overwhelm’

‘Pushing Against a Tidal Wave’

Zootopia Sloth Trailer

‘Feline Maximization’

‘Samantha Bee Prepares to Break Up Late-Night TV’s Boys Club’

Jeremy Keith on ‘The Force Awakens’

‘What’s new in Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

‘Employee Benefits at Basecamp’

Style Guide for ‘The Bold Report’

Happy And Content

Freddie Mercury Sings We Are the Champions Acapella

‘How To Be a Moderately Successful Person’

Chris Coyier’s Productivity Advice

What Is a Front End Developer?

Publishing To Jekyll From iOS

iPad Test

December 2015

Stephen Hackett’s Mac Wishlist

Casey Liss on Amazon Prime Now

Clean Up Your Metadata

Switching to Redcarpet

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‘App Rot’

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Updating My RSS Setup

‘Fired? Speak No Evil’

‘Twenty Thirteen, The Learnering’

On Getting the Work You Want

‘The Silent Subcontractor’

‘The Top 10 Worst Albums of the Year’

Looking Forward

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December 2013

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Adobe Security Breach Worse Than Originally Thought

Billy Joel Interviewed on Here’s the Thing

MetaLab Launches Peak

Apple Reports Fourth Quarter Profit

Honest Slogans

Marco Arment on Apple’s Recent Event

Tapbots Launches New Tweetbot

Does the Web Industry Have a Drinking Problem?

Amazon’s Biodome Approved in Seattle

Samsung Fined $340,000 in Taiwan for Fake Online Comments

Microsoft Talks Apple iPads and iWork

A Look Back on Our First Month

OS X Mavericks Review

Apple Event Day

John Gruber on iMessage Encryption

Netflix Likely to Have Overtaken HBO in Paid US Subscribers

Freelancing and Saying “No”

Shawn Blanc on Successful Creative Business

Fitbit Tracker Becoming More Like a Smartwatch

Easter Eggs in Star Wars and Indiana Jones

Laura Kalbag on Being Open

Square Cash Makes Sending Money Easy

Tim Likes to Teach: Using the Jekyll Assets Plugin

Chris Coyier on Media Temple Acquisition

Sonos Announces the Play:1

‘Minor’ Upgrade to Instagram No Longer Lets Users Disable Video Autoplay

Open Source Design: Using GitHub for Design Collaboration

HP and Microsoft Become ‘Competitors’

Bill Nye Back with a YouTube Series on NASA’s Mission to Jupiter

Google Fiber Won’t Be Available for Small Businesses… Yet

Apple iPad Event on October 22

Brad Frost on Development Being Design

Eric Schmidt Tells Jokes

Starting with Sass

Yale Professor Calls ‘Bing It On’ Claims Bogus

Review: 1Password 4 for Mac

Babblenut: I’m Not Scared of the Feels

Contentment and Being Grateful

September 2013